16 Jun 2012

President of ACP council of ministers says group is behind Fiji timeline

4:41 am on 16 June 2012

The president of the council of ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group says the organisation has faith in the people of Fiji to return to democracy.

In his speech at the opening, the ACP council president, St Lucia's Alva Baptiste, said there were concerns over Fiji's slow return to democratic rule, something which is understood to have angered Fiji.

Mr Baptiste says the ACP is behind Fiji's timeline, but the reality now is still concerning.

He says Fiji is strategic to the Pacific region, and it can get back to the tradition of democracy.

"It is within the sphere of competence to expedite to accelerate and I believe they are going to meet the timeline so I have absolutely no doubt in my mind where this is concerned but this was basically an observation to remind them of that responsibility, that deadline and that commitment."

St Lucia's minister of external affairs, Alva Baptiste.