19 Jun 2012

Call for Solomons government to set up corruption commission

2:31 pm on 19 June 2012

A Solomon Islands political commentator is calling on the government to set up an independent commission to investigate corruption.

Dr John Roughan, who founded the Solomon Islands Development Trust 30 years ago, says a culture of corruption in government has led to it becoming accepted practice in all commercial dealings.

He says he hopes the new constitution being drafted will legislate against corruption because the public mechanisms supposed to control it are toothless.

Dr Roughan says part of the reason could be that Melanesians tend to avoid direct conflict when at all possible.

"The ombudsman and the leadership code commission, they seem to be non-operational. We have people, actual, live warm bodies who are in control and in charge, but nothing seems to happen."

Dr John Roughan says he hopes an independent body would be able to root out corruption.