25 Jun 2012

Electoral official in PNG talks of the dangers posed by vote buying

3:56 pm on 25 June 2012

A worker with Papua New Guinea's Electoral Commission says they are trying to educate voters about the dangers of vote-buying.

Reports of voters being offered hundreds of kina by candidates in the general election underway are widespread.

In some parts of the resource-rich Highlands region in particular vote-buying is understood to be rife, with some votes selling for thousands of kina.

The Commission has been running an awareness campaign to educate people about the need to not accept bribes for votes.

A worker with the Commission, Tina Hulama, says voters should vote for the candidate they think will best work for a decent future for PNG's youthful population.

"Some of the candidates are out and about paying voters, giving goods or food and beer and anything. I think that is not right and we as a country should work together to stop that. And then we look at the good leaders who can get in there to bring development to the country and to our communities."

Tina Hulama