28 Jun 2012

Job retention bid for American Samoa retiree group

2:23 pm on 28 June 2012

American Samoa's Territorial Administration on Aging Office is seeking a waiver for a group of elderly citizens to continue working.

The group of 70 are to be removed from the Senior Citizens employment Programme due to a Department of Labor Program rule which went into effect in 2007.

The rule says senior citizens hired have to be terminated form the programme after they have worked for 48 months.

The group was told its services would be terminated after this Friday.

However, the Office is seeking a waiver from the Department of Labor to allow those who have not worked long enough to be eligible for Social Security, to continue working.

The office says for many elderly citizens, before they were hired by the office they have stayed at home and never held a job.

As a result they have not fulfilled the requirements to receive social security cheques.

The office is asking the Department of Labour to allow them to continue working until they have made up their Social Security quarters.