28 Jun 2012

Researcher says core governance issues need addressing in PNG constitution

6:19 pm on 28 June 2012

There's been another call for Papua New Guinea to review its constitution and political structure following the general election.

A senior researcher in governance and institutional matters at the National Research Institute, Dr Henry Okole, says that over many years the executive has gained too much power at the expense of the legislature.

Dr Okole says this pattern fostered the conditions which created PNG's recent political impasse.

He says PNG's constitution is somewhat outdated, having been written in the early 1970s, and can be manipulated in such a way that parliamentary democracy is compromised.

"The constitution has done very very well in holding the country together since. But it is now time. These are the types of stress, if you will, that has to be addressed by the next government, I hope, because if it's not going to be done, I'm really afraid that we're going to go through the same path as what happened over the past ten months."

Dr Henry Okole