2 Jul 2012

Solomons musician concerned about copyright ahead of Festival

6:37 am on 2 July 2012

A Solomon Islands musician performing in the Festival of Pacific Arts, which officially began today, fears artists' work may be used without their permission.

Fred Talilangi, who is from Malaita, will be performing traditional songs in the provincial capital, Auki, with his 20-strong Matakwaisuu Original Sound.

He says MOS will be using guitars, including one made of local materials from the bush.

But he says protecting the group's unique compositions is a concern.

"Solomon Islands I think we don't impose any law, we don't have any copyright law in the Solomon Islands, that's why I'm still a bit worried about exposing a few of our personal songs."

Fred Talilangi says his group will play its own music at the festival but will be keeping some of its best pieces for a recording deal.