3 Jul 2012

Papuan group in Jakarta aims to promote balance in media coverage

4:49 am on 3 July 2012

A Papuan civil society group currently in Jakarta for a series of dialogues with different sectors of Indonesian society is trying to promote awareness among the media about Papua region.

The two-week trip to Jakarta by a group made up of Papuan NGO and church representatives comes amid an escalation of violence in Indonesia's remote eastern region.

One of the group's delegates is Septer Manufandu of the Papua NGOs Co-operation Forum.

He says their discussions with media outlets in particular are aimed at countering the pattern whereby dissemination of information about Papua is inaccurate.

"Clarification information about the Papua situation. I think they can understand about it and then make a clearer decision because many information distribution in media or TV is not balanced."

Septer Manufandu.