5 Jul 2012

Pasifika students slipping through the gaps in NZ tertiary institutions

6:46 pm on 5 July 2012

The Association of Pasifika Staff in Tertiary Education is looking at ways of increasing the retention of Pasifika students in New Zealands.

At its annual conference in Dunedin, APSTE is holding dicussions about how to improve teaching and learning strategies for Pasifika students.

Statistics across all levels of education in New Zealand often put Pacific students at the lowest levels of achievement.

A Senior Lecturer in Education at Wellington's Victoria University, Cherie Chu, says Pacific students on average take longer to complete degrees.

"We're one of the highest student groups to have the highest student loan, leaving university with no qualifications. Our retention rates are poor in this country in the sense that we're not staying in our tertiary institutions or leave without qualifications and so forth."

Cherie Chu