6 Jul 2012

Brother challenges sister over Cook Islands by-election result

3:07 pm on 6 July 2012

A losing candidate in a recent by-election in the Cooks Islands has filed a petition protesting against the result which saw his sister and political rival win.

Selina Napa of the Democractic Party was recently named a member of parliament for Titikaveka after the by-election which she won by just 14 votes over her brother.

This week Teariki Matenga, who stood for the ruling Cook Islands Party, filed a petition with the court challenging the eligibility of 20 electors.

Ms Napa says challenges have been common place in the electorate but admits she is in an unusual position.

"To actually hear that a challenge has come from him is sort of a bit sad but it's expected and hey we'll just have to go forward and take on the challenge that's been put out there."

Selina Napa says her party is ready to defend the petition and is positive they will win.

Their father, Dr Teariki Matenga, was a former member of parliament for the Democratic Party and Ms Napa says it's only been in recent years that her brother has changed allegiances.