10 Jul 2012

Dengue patients in Niue urged to follow doctors' advice

7:46 pm on 10 July 2012

The Minister of Health in Niue says people diagnosed with dengue fever are not always taking the necessary precautions to prevent an epidemic.

About 50 people have contracted the disease in Niue this year including the school teacher Charles Jessop, who died last week after developing the haemorrhagic strain of the fever.

The Minister, Joan Viliamu, had a meeting with the Niue's Premier, Toke Talagi, on Tuesday to discuss the government's dengue fever awareness campaign.

Ms Viliamu says some people have failed to take the advice of health professionals on keeping homes and villages clean.

"Seek the doctor when it has started to happen even though its not dengue its a flu. Mild cases that we send back home we ask them to stay home to fully recover, and also those who were admitted to hospital to take two weeks to stay at home to fully recover before going out."

Niue's Minister of Health, Joan Viliamu.