14 Jul 2012

Counting in PNG elections continues with O'Neill's party ahead

7:33 am on 14 July 2012

As counting continues in Papua New Guinea's general election, the People's National Congress of caretaker Prime Minister Peter O'Neill remains the party with the most votes.

According to preliminary vote count updates being released by the Electoral Commission, the PNC leads in 17 seats, 8 more than the next best placed party, the National Alliance.

The party which wins the most seats in the 111-member parliament is given the first opportunity by the Governor-General, following the return of writs, to form the new government.

The social commentator known as Tavurvur says the PNC has started off extremely well.

"The stages of the counting vary but all in all this is providing I guess a positive result, a positive indication for Peter O'Neill and the People's National Congress in terms of securing at least a good base to work on. And as we observe the progression of counting in other electorates, we will get a clearer idea (of how things are panning out) in all provinces of Papua New Guinea."

The social commentator known as Tavurvur.