19 Jul 2012

Call for Solomons authorities to investigate bird smuggling

5:53 am on 19 July 2012

A wildlife trade monitoring network, TRAFFIC, says Solomon Islands authorities need to investigate how thousands of birds are being smuggled into the country.

TRAFFIC has released a report that states over 54 thousand wild birds declared as captive-bred were exported from the Solomon Islands between 2000 and 2010.

However, the Solomon Islands authorities told TRAFFIC that there are no captive breeding facilities in the country.

It's Southeast Asia deputy director, Chris Shepherd, says most of the birds being exported come from Indonesia, which is completely illegal.

He says there are no records of exports from Indonesia, or of imports from the Solomon Islands.

"That's just pure smuggling, without any paperwork involved. Once it reaches the Solomons then paper work is produced saying that the birds were captive-bred. Permits declaring birds as captive-bred, they should not be issuing permits like that if there is no breeding and they should be an investigation into how is it that all of these birds are coming from Indonesia to the Solomons without any paper work, they really need to be looking at that."

TRAFFIC's Southeast Asia deputy director, Chris Shepherd.