21 Jul 2012

Sport: Anticipation building a week out from Olympic opening says Fiji team

9:31 am on 21 July 2012

Excitement is building in London with just one week to go until the opening ceremony.

Most countries now have a strong presence in the Games Village, with Papua New Guinea's first athletes arriving overnight.

Fiji's swimmers have also made their way south from their training base in Liverpool while the Cook Islands delegation departs this weekend.

Team Fiji's Secretary General Lorraine Marr says there's an obvious buzz around the Village.

"I know that the team itself is looking forward to coming here and arriving. Being here I can almost feel the excitement of the English people as well. All of the volunteers, the people that I talk to outside of the Village - they're all looking forward to the Games starting."

Lorraine Marr from the Fiji Olympic team.