25 Jul 2012

PNA boss calls for use of fisheries to shrink aid need

6:28 pm on 25 July 2012

The director of the Parties to the Nauru agreement says Pacific countries should use fisheries to become less dependent on overseas aid.

Transform Aqorau says since the establishment of the PNA Office in Majuro in 2010 the gross value of the raw material of tuna has doubled through the scarcity under the Vessel Day Scheme.

But he says Pacific nations are not getting the benefit of that increase.

Dr Aqorau says the Pacific needs to move away from the traditional access agreements.

"When you're not selling the opportunity for the price that you should be getting, what you're doing is you're actually subsidising Japanese, the European Union, tuna industries, they're getting the benefits from our resources."

Dr Transform Aqorau says if Pacific countries can become less dependent on aid, they will be able to assert themselves more in negotiations.