27 Jul 2012

PNG writ deadline extended until Wednesday

12:56 pm on 27 July 2012

Writs for the Papua New Guinea election have been due to be returned today, but the deadline has been extended until Wednesday.

The Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio approved the extension after advice from the Electoral Commissioner, Andrew Trawen.

He says more time is needed to allow for counting to be completed.

As of Thursday 72 of the 111 seats had been declared but just 39 writs had been returned to the Commission.

The executive director of the PNG Institute of National Affairs, Paul Barker, says this sort of delay is typical of any PNG election.

"And it happens each time. There is a long delay between the actual initial polling and the final wrapping up and formation of government, and if that is concluded next week then that will actually be shorter than in many previous years."