2 Oct 2012

Samoa media divided over way to regulate industry

3:53 pm on 2 October 2012

There is division among Samoa's media over the need for a body to regulate the industry.

Cabinet is considering a Law Reform Commission report recommending media organisations set up a council to regulate the industry.

The editor of Le Weekender, a weekly bi-lingual newspaper, Merita Huch, says given the need for consultation within the media, Cabinet needs to speed up its discussions.

"In most of the newsrooms, the reality is that it's the experience of the editor that has acted as a guideline to many journalists, so there is a big need to ensure that there are guidelines for our work as well. The most important thing now is a consensus from all media owners to ensure there is a council in place."

Merita Huch says one media owner, the editor of the Samoa Observer, disagrees with the need for regulation.