5 Oct 2012

Yabaki contempt charge in Fiji criticised

11:45 am on 5 October 2012

The Vice President of the World Association for Christian Communication in the Pacific has written a letter to the Fiji Government, challenging it for restricting freedom of expression.

Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls has come to the defence of the President of the WACC, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, who is appearing in court today on charges of contempt of court.

The Fiji Government brought the charges after Reverend Yabaki published an article in April on the deterioration of the rule of law in Fiji.

The article was written in Revered Yabaki's role as Executive Director of the Citizens' Constitutional Forum.

The Government said the article included scurrilous attacks on the judiciary and undermined the authority of the courts.

Ms Bhagwan-Rolls says the executive of the WACC is alarmed at the case against Reverend Yabaki who is known to respect the rule of law and uphold human rights.

She says the case will only further damage the reputation and the public image of Fiji.