16 Oct 2012

NZ Post says memorial to Pacific coastwatchers up in two years

4:49 am on 16 October 2012

New Zealand Post says a memorial to the Pacific coastwatchers should be erected in Wellington within two years.

A memorial was held yesterday, for the first time, for the coastwatchers who served in the region in the second world war, including 17 who were beheaded by Japanese troops on Kiribati.

A large portion of those men worked for what has since become New Zealand Post.

Its chief executive, Brian Roche, says work has begun on a physical memorial.

"We will have to work through all the normal processes but we think in the next two years it will be a good thing to do, these people were volunteers, they were asked by the then leader of the business to volunteer for service and he didn't tell them where they were going so yeah, it was partially adventure but it was an adventure with very significant consequences."

The Chief executive of New Zealand Post, Brian Roche.

A United States team that specialises in finding soldiers mission in action is expected to resume the hunt for the remains of the Coastwatchers by the end of the year.