16 Oct 2012

Bainimarama's offspring call for end to Fiji coup culture

12:48 pm on 16 October 2012

The offspring of Fiji regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama have called for an end to coup culture in their submission to the Constitution Commission.

The Fiji Village website reports the six siblings made their submission as a family.

Commodore Bainimarama's five daughters and son have echoed some of their father's views, calling for an electoral system based on one person one vote, the abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs and a separation of state and religion.

Among their proposals are full recognition for the indigenous or i Taukei people and a call for all citizens to be known as Fijians, a national minimum wage and a new tax for health care.

The website reports the siblings referred to the perpetrators of the 2000 coup, saying they misled people that i Taukei land and freedoms would be taken away, but the military spoke up and said this was wrong.

They said there should be an end to coup culture, behaviour and mentality.