29 Oct 2012

Campaigning concludes ahead of Tuesday's Vanuatu poll

6:05 am on 29 October 2012

Campaigning has officially concluded ahead of Vanuatu's general election tomorrow.

346 candidates are vying for the 52 seats in the country's parliament.

Johnny Blades reports from Santo

"Campaigning culminated in boisterous fashion on Saturday night with busy convoys, blaring loudhailers and celebrations in towns across Vanuatu. 32 parties and 65 independent candidates are contesting this election and it's hard not to sense the feeling of optimism in the air. With a record number of candidates, the vote is expected to be well split, opening up rare opportunities for a seat in parliament and also a place inside what is highly likely to be a multi-party coalition government. In terms of preparation, Vanuatu's Electoral Commission says ballot papers and boxes are ready for polling across the six provinces and it expects the election to run smoothly."