31 Oct 2012

Early unofficial Vanuatu election result point to fragmentation

3:37 pm on 31 October 2012

Unofficial results from Vanuatu's general election are slowly being released.

But vote counts from some remote polling stations are yet to be lodged at the Electoral Commission.

Johnny Blades reports from Port Vila:

"The emerging picture of Vanuatu's new parliament with unofficial results known in about half of the 52 seats is as many predicted before the poll. It is a fragmented field with no one political party dominating but several established parties, including the People's Progress Party of the caretaker Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, the National United Party and the Vanua'aku Pati, already having secured a handful of seats each. Other, newer parties, including the Ground and Justice Party as well as the Harry Iauko Group, plus a bunch of independents, are also in the mix. The Electoral Commission says polling stations in some remote constituencies have been late in delivering results due to logistic difficulties. It expects most results to be confirmed by tonight."