2 Nov 2012

Small changes make difference to region's marine environment - SPC

8:04 am on 2 November 2012

A climate change project manager at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community says that, individually, people can make a difference to the environment through small changes in everyday life.

Gillian Cambers works with the Global Climate Change Alliance Pacific-Small Island States, helping build resilience to climate change.

The world's reefs are projected to be severely stressed by mid-century through the impacts of climate change.

Ms Chambers says it's not too late to prevent some of the impacts on the region's important marine resources, however it means taking steps like reducing solid waste.

"There are solutions, if people want, there are biodegradable plastic, we don't have to have plastic water bottles we could use a bottle that we could keep reusing and refilling of course and it's just a case if there is enough of a momentum or desire for people to follow such slightly more time consuming and cumbersome practices."