5 Nov 2012

PNG bank scheme to record transactions

11:42 am on 5 November 2012

A scheme is underway in Papua New Guinea to help the vast majority of the population which does not have access to financial services.

Such access is seen as crucial to creating wealth and the central bank, the Bank of PNG, has started the Financial Diaries Project to try and document the spending behaviour of a representative group of people.

The Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme is also involved and a technical analyst, Ramanathan Subramanian, says it will allow the Bank to take steps to empower vulnerable populations.

He says the diaries will record all transactions people make, including those in which money does not change hands.

"So the basic objective of the survey is to try and map the behaviour, the financial behaviour or the financial picture of the lives of these low income households over a long period of time. So we are in a better position to understand how they actually cope with these different types of events."