6 Nov 2012

Vanuatu women fail to get female election support

6:14 pm on 6 November 2012

There is criticism of women's organisations in Vanuatu for failing to support women candidates in last week's election.

With the official results to be released tomorrow, none of the 10 women who stood has been voted into parliament.

The President of the National Council of Women, Blandine Boulekone says the organisation made a decision earlier this year to focus on provincial elections, leading up to the 2016 general election.

"A real problem that we have in Vanuatu is the quality of the candidates. Some of these women candidates are not the right person to vote for. This is another problem, and this is what it is like for a man. It is very difficult, when you know already what they are doing, you are not very encouraged to vote for them."

Blandine Boulekone says organisations have been lobbying political parties for years, to ask them to include women candidates, especially as women do a lot of fundraising.