12 Nov 2012

Fiji's Women's Crisis Centre says teachers still practise corporal punishment

11:32 am on 12 November 2012

The co-ordinator of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says some teachers are still practising corporal punishment despite campaigns against child abuse.

The interim government and UNICEF are currently running a 19 day campaign to promote the protection and development of children.

Shamima Ali says child abuse and neglect is still widespread in Fiji.

She says although corporal punishment in schools is illegal, some teachers are getting away with it.

"In many rural schools this continues and children still get physically assaulted by teachers. In a prominent secondary school in Suva, the prefects have been given authority to punch and hit sort of wrongdoers in school. And teachers condone this kind of behaviour."

Shamima Ali says the Women's Crisis Centre made a complaint to the principal of the school and produced a media release which was not given any coverage.