23 Nov 2012

Thousands of public workers in Fiji promised wage rises in Budget

2:48 pm on 23 November 2012

A total of over 4500 civil servants and unestablished government wage earners in Fiji are promised pay rises in the new year.

Fiji Live reports that the interim government announced in the Budget that all established staff will receive a minimum salary of 5 thousand 650 US dollars.

This means 1663 civil servants will get increases.

In addition all unestablished government wage earners will receive a 10 per cent pay rise, and this will apply to nearly 2 thousand 900 workers.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama, in presenting the Budget, also says bonuses will be paid to those who perform over and above what is expected of them.

He says bonuses earned in 2013 will be paid in 2014.