23 Nov 2012

Vanuatu government told it can expect constant no confidence threat

2:50 pm on 23 November 2012

A former political advisor in Vanuatu says the current coalition government can expect to face a constant threat of a motion of no-confidence.

A longtime aid and advisor to the former Prime Minister Edward Natapei, Seru Virokanu says the fragmented nature of Vanuatu's new parliament is not conducive to political stability.

His comment comes after Sato Kilman was this week elected as Prime Minister in a vote in parliament, beating Mr Natapei by 29 votes to 23.

Mr Virokanu says the coalition is likely to focus on maintaining its majority, at the cost of devoting time to implementing policies in the national interest.

"With this current government, you would expect frequent motions of no-confidence because the numbers - 29 (of the 52 MPs) - is not a comfortable majority and plus, this time, there's a lot more political numbers forming that coalition. There's at least nine political parties in the coalition. Both sides of the politics will be constantly busy at work because it requires only four MPs to move across the house to topple this government."

Seru Virokanu