26 Nov 2012

NGO says Doha delegates must put self interest aside

7:45 pm on 26 November 2012

The NGO Oxfam says governments need to rise above their narrowly-defined self interest and make real progress towards a fair, ambitious and binding global deal at the Doha climate change talks.

Oxfam says this self interest is plain in the delays around promised funding to help developing countries combat the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

Oxfam New Zealand's Barry Coates says under the Fast Start Finance agreed in Copenhagen two years ago 30 billion dollars was to be made available over a 3 year period.

But he says only a fraction of that has been given, sometimes as loans or as aid pulled from other commitments.

"Less than a quarter of the government money was actually additional to existing aid promises. So what happens, in countries like New Zealand, they have just re-badged their aid money, taken it out of one pocket and put it in another and called it climate finance, but explicitly in Copenhagen it was said that this funding had to be new and additional funding."