28 Nov 2012

Vanuatu Electoral Commission considers postponing provincial elections

9:15 am on 28 November 2012

The chairperson of Vanuatu's Electoral Commission, John Taleo, says he is considering whether to postpone the upcoming provincial elections.

Fresh from an error-ridden general election, the Commission has been the subject of criticism over the electoral system and the state of the electoral roll.

Two weeks ago the Commission announced the polling date for provincial elections as January 8th next year.

But Mr Taleo says the Kilman government is particularly concerned about the electoral roll.

"I've received a lot of complaints saying why can't we sort out the electoral roll before we go to the provincial elections. The problem for me to move the dates is that the date for the dissolution of the current Local Government Councils is December 3rd. Then the law says after the 3rd of December, it has to be one month for... to conduct an election."

John Taleo says he expects the Commission to decide on the date for the elections before the end of the week.