28 Nov 2012

Pirates raid ferry in Papua New Guinea

2:47 pm on 28 November 2012

A passenger ferry in Papua New Guinea was held up by pirates in coastal waters off Bukawa between Finschhafen and Lae in Morobe on Tuesday.

The National newspaper reports that the pirates held up passengers and crew of the MV Geyam-Sao and made off with the ship's takings.

The captain of the Lutheran Shipping-owned vessel, Zeriga Oida, says the vessel was raided two hours after leaving left Buki wharf in Finschhafen.

Captain Oida says some of the pirates had boarded the vessel as passengers at Buki, with weapons hidden under their clothing until the robbery started.

The about 160 passengers and crew were ordered to lie face down on the lower deck while the pirates rummaged through their belongings.

Captain Oida says the pirates left the vessel after about 10 minutes, picked up by 2 banana boats.