29 Nov 2012

Pacific youth gather in NZ to come up with disaster action plans

4:29 am on 29 November 2012

50 young people from around the Pacific are to come up with action plans on how to strengthen community resilience before, during and after natural disasters.

The 'Power Shift Pacific: Looking Beyond Disaster Youth Forum' will see the Pacific Island and Maori youth delegates in Auckland next week.

The forum is funded by the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO.

It's Senior Youth Advisor, Vicki Soanes, says they were inspired by what the Student Volunteer Army did in Christchurch following the 2011 earthquakes.

"What we saw happening in Christchurch with young people organising themselves and standing up and making such a big contribution during the disaster, and immediately after, and then on an on-going way. We really wanted to create a space where that kind of idea could be shared and the others could be inspired to do that in their own communities."

Vicki Soanes says the forum is about empowering young people to do something in their communities.