29 Nov 2012

US military helps traditional canoe building group in Yap

4:16 pm on 29 November 2012

People involved in a canoe project in the Federated States of Micronesia say the help they received from the US Navy's Seabees will have a positive effect on their heritage.

The Seabees lent the Waa'gey canoe project equipment to take a huge log from the jungle to Yap's capital, Colonia.

The log is to be carved into a hull of a sailing canoe by master carvers and youth volunteers.

Larry Raigetal of the Waa'gey organisation says it will help keep the local tradition alive:

"What that means to our community...core skills transferred to the younger generation. We're also quite interested in retaining traditional heritage of the past, especially canoe carving."

Larry Raigetal of the Waa'gey organisation in the FSM.