30 Nov 2012

Transparency says restrictions on PNG confidence vote shows MPs can't trust themselves

2:48 pm on 30 November 2012

A watchdog group in Papua New Guinea says planned new laws restricting vote of no confidence are a shameful move by MPs.

Transparency International Papua New Guinea opposes the MPs attempts to extend the grace period before a vote of no confidence can be held to 30 months following an election.

It says it amounts to a vote of no confidence by MPs in themselves.

TI says this would undermine democracy and could foster more corruption.

Spokesperson Lawrence Stephens says the problem is the way MPs abuse the provision for votes of no confidence.

"It is presented as a way of creating stability and we are all interested in stability. Members of Parliament listening to that may have been swayed but they probably haven't realised that it is also a vote of no confidence in themselves. It is also a statement that they cannot be trusted to use the vote of no confidence the way it was intended and that is all pretty shameful."