CNMI college president faces no confidence vote

Faculty members at the Northern Marianas College have reportedly lost trust and confidence in the leadership of president Sharon Hart after 19 of 23 members gave her a vote of no confidence last Friday.

The vote is for alleged financial mismanagement after the faculty found Ms Hart spent 200 thousand US dollars on off-island travel last year using students' tuition fees.

She is also criticized for violating the college procurement regulations in authorising the purchase of 10 second-hand computers without proper bidding.

The president has also been accused of unethical actions over the hiring of her husband, Steven West, as a short-term consultant for the college's new foundation.

He was paid about 14 thousand dollars for a five-week project.

The faculty members also say that Ms Hart continues to ignore the recommendations of the accreditation report that a chief financial officer be hired.

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