21 Dec 2012

Call for Samoans to learn more about insurance

10:12 am on 21 December 2012

A Samoan insurance company says about eight out ten people in Samoa do not have insurance cover on their homes and need to change their mindset about disaster protection.

The death toll from cyclone Evan remains at five with 11 people missing.

Officials are still trying to re-connect power, water, and communications in some areas.

Apia Insurance Company's spokesperson, Lutu Somomona, says insurance is still a foreign concept in Samoan culture with most people living in homes built with remittances from family overseas and the cost of insurance is the last thing they consider.

She says insurance is there for unforseen circumstances that many people think will never happen to them but now many have to start again from scratch.

"A lot of you know good houses, expensive homes are built out in the villages but insurance is never in the picture. But now I should, we should really increase, you know the four insurance companies, should get together and do some awareness programmes about the benefits of having insurance cover."

Lutu Somomona says insurance premiums are likely to rise as companies paying out on damage.