21 Dec 2012

In wake of cyclone, Fiji interim government reassures tourists

6:06 pm on 21 December 2012

Fiji's interim government is reassuring tourists that the country's hotels and resorts are ready to receive visitors, following Tropical Cyclone Evan earlier this week.

The Ministry of Information says electricity, water and telecommunications services will be restored to much of the main island of Viti Levu by Saturday and within 48 hours to most of the outer islands.

It says all airline schedules are back to normal and most resorts and hotels have re-opened or will do this weekend.

The ministry says about 11,000 people are in evaucation centres where food and water supplies are abundant and a policy for assistance with housing rehabilitation is being made available to low income families.

It says there have been no reports of death or injury, nor of typhoid, dengue fever or any other cyclone-related illnesses following the storm.

The ministry of tourism's permanent secretary, Elizabeth Powell, says Fijians everywhere depend on tourism for jobs and income for their families and she urges visitors who have plans to come to the country to catch their flight and continue to visit.