24 Dec 2012

NZ company to help Tonga remove old cars

5:09 am on 24 December 2012

A New Zealand recycling company says the lease of a vehicle baling machine to Tonga for three months will help clear the island of old rusting car bodies.

The head of CMA Recycling in Auckland says there are a lot of abandoned old cars around Tongatapu and by leasing the crushing machine to Tongan company, Gio Recycling, the dumped vehicles can be condensed for shipping.

Brett Howlett says many people in Tonga overestimate the value of their old cars and he hopes the government will do more to convince people to give up the wrecks.

He says there are a lot of costs involved in exporting the cars to be recycled for scrap metal steel.

"Most of the cars over there have had the motors taken out of them already so it's mainly an empty car shell and once it's been crushed, the size of it's roughly a metre square, like a cube, and they weigh approximately 500, on average 500 kilos each."

Brett Howlett says the condensed cars are then packed into containers and he expects that initially about 500 car bodies will be shipped from Tonga to Auckland.