27 Dec 2012

Fiji constitution draft covers all bases, says Commission member

5:12 am on 27 December 2012

A member of Fiji's Constitution Commission, Peni Moore, says the draft constitution covers everything it was required to and she can't foresee any problems with it.

The Commission handed the document to Fiji's President last week.

There has been criticism the draft is now in the hands of the interim government without the chance of further public scrutiny before a regime appointed Constituent Assembly debates and ratifies the document.

Peni Moore says anyone who fears what's in the draft should rest assured.

"The constitution we've written is the most advanced, forward-thinking, promotes everything that is said that they wanted, so there really shouldn't be a problem with it. It covered everything that they wanted covered. It's covered in more ways than they could have imagined. We've put in amazing reforms that have never been seen before so my feeling is if they read it there's really nothing to worry about."

Constitution Commission member Peni Moore