7 Jan 2013

Point of dam probe doubted in Samoa's Evan aftermath

3:58 pm on 7 January 2013

A business owner in Vaimauga district in Samoa doubts any possible investigation into whether a local dam was left open when Cyclone Evan hit will make a difference.

Hundreds of people, whose properties were ruined and washed away by flooding, are seeking answers.

Some residents want the government to investigate whether the flooding was exacerbated by the Electric Power Corporation leaving the Alaoa Dam open at the time.

But JN Woodworkers owner John Nieuwenhuizen says the damage has already been done and people need to move on.

"From what I heard there was some water let go upstream, but no I dont think we'll ever get any clear answers on that. We just need to look forward and what's happened has happened."

John Nieuwenhuizen estimates the cost to his uninsured business to be more than 85,000 US dollars.