10 Jan 2013

Vanuatu PM orders radio station to close

1:50 pm on 10 January 2013

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu has ordered a local radio station to close.

Sato Kilman has written to the management of Capital FM107 accusing it of breaching the broadcasting act and media ethics and abusing the freedom of press by airing unbalanced stories.

In the letter, Mr Kilman also alleges that Capital FM 107 has not renewed its license since 2010 as required by the broadcasting act and says authorities will carry out an investigation into the matter.

The radio station is also seeking legal advice.

The president of the Vanuatu Media Association, Evelyne Toa, says Vanuatu is a democratic country and should uphold the freedom of expression.

The Publisher of the Vanuatu Daily Post newspaper Marc Neil-Jones says he is concerned that the government may not be giving FM107 sufficient time to sort out any of the problems raised.