18 Jan 2013

Sport: Tonga Rugby Union appoints first female CEO

11:27 am on 18 January 2013

Tongan Rugby has selected its first ever female Chief Executive Officer, with 'Emeline Tuita appointed to a 12 month term.

Tuita is the first woman to head Tongan Rugby, and had previously volunteered some time helping the interim administration team last year.

The former Tonga Ambassador to China says the appointment is significant for both women and rugby.

"It's good in general for women in sport management for the profiling of women in new areas. I think we're entering into a new era where a divison between where it has to be male unless it's a women, I like to think that the board of directors and the president have made the decision based strictly on what they see as a combination of skills that will support the cause of rugby, rather than specifically on the matter as a gender issue."

'Emeline Tuita says while her background is mainly in business she feels it will complement the rugby knowledge of the board.