18 Jan 2013

Solomon nurses in charge at doctorless hospital in Temotu

2:43 pm on 18 January 2013

Health officials in Solomon Islands say nurses are attending to patients at the only hospital in Temotu Province after its sole doctor died.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is searching for a doctor for Lata Hospital after the only doctor died almost three weeks ago.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr Lester Ross, says there are two vacant positions for doctors at Lata Hospital but due to a nation-wide shortage, one post had already been vacant for over six months.

"Well normally what happens is when there is no doctor out in the rural provinces, the nurses do a lot of the activities there and if there are people who need to have urgent services when there is no doctor there, then they refer them to the national referral hospital here in Honiara."

Dr Lester Ross says the Ministry of Health and police are working to determine the cause of the young doctor's death.