19 Jan 2013

Sport: New Tongan Rugby boss focused on getting finances in order

10:31 am on 19 January 2013

The new CEO of the Tonga Rugby Union says her first task is to ensure there is stability within the top echelons of the game.

The former Tonga Ambassador to China, Emeline Tuita, has been appointed to a role for a 12 month term, having previously volunteered some time helping the interim administration last year.

She has a background in management and says, after a rocky few years for the sport, says ensuring everything is running smoothly is essential.

"There's no denial of the fact that the management and financing of rugby in the Kingdom has recorded quite a turbulent history. One of the key objectives of my placement is to stabilise the management and stabilise the financial management of the union - also to develop more funding for the rugby union."

The new CEO of the Tonga Rugby Union, 'Emeline Tuita.