21 Jan 2013

Auckland to host Pacific marketplace

11:42 am on 21 January 2013

A summer marketplace of cuisine, art and entertainment from around the Pacific region are to be showcased over a number of weekends in Auckland.

The 'Pacific Showcase' is to be held during the first three Saturdays of February and the first two Saturdays of March in the downtown Auckland venue 'The Cloud'.

The marketplaces have been organised by the Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

It's CEO, Markerita Poutasi, says the focus is to put high quality products from the Pacific region, not easily found in New Zealand stores, in front of consumers.

"You can come and buy a whole range of gifts, from Pure Fiji Spa and beauty products, you can also see some designer furniture down there from Pacific green out of Fiji, you can come and buy artisan sauces and spices and chips from Samoa and honey from Samoa."

Markerita Poutasi says it's a packed offering of all the best bits found in the Pacific, including live performances, art, fashion and travel advice.