21 Jan 2013

Tuheiava nuke law amendment to remind France of legacy

11:37 am on 21 January 2013

French Polynesia's member of the French Senate says his proposed change to the French nuclear compensation law is to remind the government not to leave the issue off the political agenda.

Richard Tuheiava says the bill, which he introduced in the Senate last month, wants to change the 2010 law widely seen as too restrictive for nuclear test veterans.

Mr Tuheiava says the people of Tahiti have not forgotten what the nuclear tests did to a lot of them.

"We must not leave our workers facing diseases or even observing their fathers or mothers passing away without any consideration from the administering power in France. This is something that we will fight for quite a long time again."

Richard Tuheiava says his proposal is very similiar to the one introduced by Socialist parliamentarians in 2006.