1 Feb 2013

Conservationist urges end to Solomons dolphin slaughter

4:25 pm on 1 February 2013

A marine conservationist says Solomon Islands would be better off protecting dolphins than killing them.

The comment by New Zealand-based Wade Doak, whose recent book 'Gaia Calls' documents life among Solomon Islanders and years of dolphin research, comes after the massacre of 1,000 dolphins by villagers in Malaita province.

The people of Fanalei village say they reverted to the traditional practice of hunting dolphins after they were not paid money promised to them by the NGO Earth Island Institute.

Wade Doak says this occurrence has distorted the reputation of the country.

"I'm very sympathetic with the Solomon Islanders' problems but I'm quite positive they're not going to solve them by exporting or killing dolphins. What we would like to think is that the world would appreciate Solomon Islands for what a wonderful place it is, with incredible diversity. This is a sustainable form of income."

Wade Doak