6 Feb 2013

Novelist hopes Pitcairn romance will appeal to Mutiny on Bounty fans

5:31 am on 6 February 2013

A Pitcairn Island-based novelist hopes her new book will give readers an insight into the island's culture.

Nadine Christian says the novel, Remembering Love, will give people a taste of the isolation of Pitcairn, its language and some of its traditions.

Mrs Christian, who is married to an eighth generation descendant of Fletcher Christian, says there is still alot of interest in Pitcairn and the Bounty mutineers who made the island their home.

"We've got a huge fan base of people that do still watch the movies and visit our tourism site purely on the romanticism and the history of the Fletcher Christian and Captain Bligh mutiny, so it's very relevant today."

Pitcairn Island novelist Nadine Christian.