7 Feb 2013

Nauru and Matson agree on shipping schedule

3:28 pm on 7 February 2013

Nauru and the US-based shipping operator, Matson, have signed a 12-month licensing agreement.

Matson takes over the service from Auckland-based Reef Shipping after it went into receivership late last year.

Nauru's President, Sprent Dabwido, says the agreement guarantees a shipment each month.

Matson's Senior Vice President for the Pacific, Vic Angoco, says acquiring Reef's assets has made it a little easier for the company to move into new island markets.

A former All Black great, Michael Jones, who had held a senior opposition at Reef, is now Matson's Strategic Development Manager.

He says the most effective way to stabilise shipping services is to enter into a licensing agreement.