14 Feb 2013

Detention-camp business behind Nauru turmoil, says opposition MP

1:08 pm on 14 February 2013

A Nauru opposition MP says one of the causes of the latest political turmoil is anger over the business links some leaders have established since the re-opening of the Australian-run detention camp.

In the past week, two key cabinet ministers have gone - Dr Kieren Keke resigning as foreign minister and Marcus Stephen sacked from the commerce, industry and environment portfolio.

Neither man nor the government is prepared to say why the two are out of Cabinet but the opposition's Baron Waqa says it is a very sad affair for the country.

He says there has been significant tension for some time and the involvement of some government MPs in businesses spawned by the camp is a factor.

"As you know the opening of the camp has brought a lot of opportunities and those sort of things and it seems that the people in government are the ones that are grabbing things and not involving everyone, to be part of, you know, those who might want to do business as well."

Baron Waqa, a Nauru opposition MP