18 Feb 2013

Suva survivor of domestic violence calls on other women not be doormats

4:09 pm on 18 February 2013

A Suva mother of three who took part in last week's protest action against gender-based violence is calling on other survivors of domestic abuse to stop putting up with it.

About 500 women took to the streets of Fiji's capital last Thursday as part of the global One Billion Rising campaign.

Recent figures show that 64 percent of women in Fiji have experienced violence in an intimate relationship, higher than the worldwide average of one in three.

Grace, who was abused as a child and went on to marry a violent man, says unless women take action now nothing will change and she doesn't want that sort of future for her daughters.

"We've come so far as women and in the whole of the Pacific, always being told that our place is in the background and that we shouldn't have a voice, we should just be pretty faces. But I would really like to encourage all the other women out there to stand up for themselves and not just be doormats."

Grace says Fiji men also have to change their attitude towards women.